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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 27, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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fashion forward young chicago woman struck and talent on the cover of a popular magazine she plans the next steps and her design career. wgn news @ 9 gunfire in a car crashing into a west suburban home and now a family mourning the loss of a 13 year old girl. top story around the country live at loyola medical center in maywood >> shots fired car careened out of control a teenage girl is dead killed in her own home. friends teachers and family all agreed 14 year-old dominique thomas incredible growth a girl with a bright future ahead. >> teddy bears balloons stark
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reminder of a tragedy with a deadly ending. hours earlier 14 year-old dominique thomas began her family's couch vehicle crashed into the home around midnight. teenager and 12 year old brother on the other side of the wall the boy survived and the dominique did not. >> headlights in the living room. my little brother and sister down their sleeping. >> friends and family struggle with the loss the outgoing girl considered a friend to all loved to dance loved to cook and building a bright future freshman at high-school grief counselors on hand to help classmates process the news. >> the type of person you had to smile >> a good friend did not bring anybody down there for everybody. >> just recently completed a
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four day camp at the college for getting girls involved in engineering. >> maywood police say shots fired early morning hours driver struck and somehow drove vehicle into the thomas tull blocks away. driver working with police and claims his passenger took off on foot after the crash. tread marks from the scene still present notes dropped off and stuffed animals in her memory. >> dominique 12 year old brother remains at loyola medical center listed in stable condition. minor scrapes and bruises and does remain here for observation. maywood police have said very little about the case no charges have been filed. >> chicago inspector general
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suggesting one way to solve the city budget shortfall in next year put a tollway on the shore drive. one idea come up with to raise the necessary $635 million to balance the budget joseph ferguson also offering the idea chicago city income tax and cutting layers of management. asked joe ferguson about his efforts fighting corruption in city government. >> are you getting any more cooperation from city hall sweeping attempts to change the [face of chicago corruption? >> this is still a work in progress in terms of relationship at the staff level a barry professional relationship with@r the due administration at the top and deep relationship is still yet to be fully formed we do not know@r what mr. emmanuel's notion is for comprehensive reform as it relates to oversight into ways we spoke about as a
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candidate. >> 15 seconds we have when he said the top working at has he taken any of your phone calls? >> he has not called me we have not talked since he has been mayor. >> are you troubled by that? >> it is not the best approach to collaboration difficult times but he is the mayor i am going to continue to do my job within the mandate provided by my ordinance and hopefully at some point our paths will come together. >> city inspector joseph ferguson. not unusual for homeowners to see a wasp nest and grab the bug spray but can be dangerous. suburban roselle man and maybe deadly. an emergency call a big man collapses in front of his house. >> hired worker by all accounts a healthy guy. just before 5:00
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yesterday afternoon told his wife going to take care of the wasp problem outside of their home 25 minutes later and neighbors: 911. outside the home yellow jackets continued to buzz our route 62 year old bruce madiar trying to evict them from 5:00 monday afternoon. >> i think we have an emergency >> any number of neighbors called 911 after they saw bruce madiar collapse on his porch having difficulty breathing >> may have been stunned by a wasp clinic up and sprint wasps apparently there were some wasps, is he allergic? noelle allergy. >> stand out here all of the time >> lived two doors down from sbruce madiar neighbors
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since the family's move here since the 1970's >> one of my best neighbors a good friend it the way it happened should not happen it could happen to anybody >> most people allergic to wasps and bees things never know they are until they have been stung >> depending on the species fairly aggressive some other piece not aggressive probably saved just to walk by >> once you get close to the best they are going to protect the best >> working to revive the man before taken to hospital former president of the hired workers you get 53 pronounced dead >> a route to their family as long as my family grew up board and house the family prays to in that house just like mine was it is difficult very difficult period going to be difficult for the neighborhood also. >> bruce madiar leaves behind
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roselle a behinwife sheila and 3 children. yet to determine the exact cause of death >> several high-ranking business environmental leaders sent to lawmakers considering and the so-called smart grid bill. what have changed way and it companies can raise rates may your argument would hurt the illinois commerce authority making it a bad deal for consumers >> plain and simple create 2500 jobs at peak investment. families sustaining jobs. when our families need it the most. >> also the bill would pave the way for new energy industries including system reliability and strengthening illinois economic competitiveness batt but trial of michael jackson's former doctor dramatic start audio of
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michael jackson evidence against conrad murray will he or won't he? buzz about chris christie possibly entering the republican presidential race. gives us the answer tonight. tom skilling says we can see even more rainfall.
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wgn news @ 9 michael jackson at the center of another circus court case whether or not to determine whether or not his doctor is responsible for killing him. dr. conrad murray charged with involuntary manslaughter for allegedly injecting a lethal dose of propofol to michael jackson november 5, 2009 >> conrad murray unskilled hands and desire to obtain lucrative contract of $150,000 a month that led the doctor and conrad murray not only to abandon his patient but to abandon all principles of medical care. >> prosecutors played a dramatic recording of michael jackson captured on conrad murray iphone
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i did under the influence of an unknown agents >>prosecutors say is evidence conrad murray knew about health issues of michael jackson weeks before the debt arguing it was michael jackson who gave himself the additional post of propofol which killed him. >> at the end will not show that conrad murray did it >> first witness for the prosecution testified troubled by michael jackson appearance at a rehearsal less than a week before the death. >> he was killeandchilled appeared lost >> a jury of seven men and five women to decide the fate of conrad murray if convicted facing up to four years in prison would lose medical license throughout the entire trial the jury will not be sequestered and the public can
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follow every argument since cameras are allowed inside the courtroom. reporting from los angeles >> tonight many eyes on the political world on new jersey gov. chris christie would he say yes or the republican call to run for president? speaking in the halls of ronald reagan library attacking president obama was a key word but in the end said what he said all over again not running not joining the crowd that crowded republican field. obama administration asking the supreme court already passed appealing to a full panel appeals court in atlanta had until yesterday to rule on a lower court ruling that has the health care legislation is a legal requirement americans to purchase insurance. obama administration would go on to say the issue would go to a higher court anyway. coming up a
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local complaint leads to an investigation into practices of a suburban church and from rags to possible riches former homeless teenager taking the catwalk by storm.
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wgn news @ 9 2 night in chicago tribune investigation into a questionable healing method woman comes forward saying pastor repeatedly asked her to strip down to nothing in order to pray for her calls it a light therapy practice and that the dead by police children may have been involved. talking to the
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woman who claimed she was kicked out of the church questioned his methods. first i want to warn you some of what you will hear in this story could be considered graphic. a ministry that may have had dozens of members of the last five or six years one of woman deciding to come forward claiming she was brainwashed touched inappropriately repeatedly and in the name of religion and a man allegedly behind this seemed to be missing in action police looking to what happened inside the light of the world ministry >> he can do anything linda ericsson believes it all of it for five years this is a man she says behind did bill livingston and self-described minister eventually became the home of his church tucked away in a great building light of the world ministry. on the day we visited no sign of just a building permit and when we try
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to ask questions the website is up but churchgoers are locked. 25 year-old linda at thinks she knows why >> early on page you think this is it the pope but this is kind of strange? >> i have heard the ministry was like a cult did not realize that until i was out of it down but 2006 when then enter husband michael joint fails ministry when he convinced them god spoke to him became one of biggest followers procession books like this sitting round a table talking religion when debt to what he called light therapy. >> self-centered and self absorption said i had a problem with pride and arrogance things like that which are not true but they made me believe it. light therapy would purify me up all of that
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>> light therapy often took place inside his lakefront home starting with his hands on her head or arms and pricing once into the therapy meant stripping down to her underwear. >> at the very end no blanket no clothing on the person and he would pray for the person by digital penetration into the vagina to alter that is where people hides. evil hides. therapy performed every day several hours a day because phil of trying to teach others how to perform the therapy also have to practice on him. >> then you would have to touch him. place my hands on him and pray on private parts he but
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have me lay on his back so that i could of a sort god's fatherly love through him possibility that a minor inmate even more were involved in the therapy. >> this summer phil is to testify in an unrelated case and when asked about like therapy describe it like this light therapy a form of mentoring and prayer that mixes a massage therapy touch therapy along with that >> admitted he did this to lend out my client also admitted inserted finger into vagina admitting everything my clients testified to which exception to it happening to a minor >> since then no sign of the minister in july, it is neighborhood >> have not seen him in a while
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>> not clear how many are made members of light of the world linda erickson says her estranged husband still a member part of the reason she came forward the to have a seven month old aunt linda is fighting a court custody afraid her daughter will grow up with it failed as a spiritual leader >> when you are in the crew everything is a truth and i do not think they can see differently until they get out somehow >> right now divorced from her husband still in the courts the two are fighting for full custody of their daughter a judge expected to rule in just a few weeks more to this story including phil livingston background and court battles tomorrow's edition of >> still had what a cup of joe might be good for a woman's mental health. and it fashion designer with quite a story to tell all this teenager defied the odds to become a cover girl.
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tonight's medical watch liquid happiness coffee can improve the mood for women drinking tap into the coffee offers a boost in energy and attitude archives of internal medicine reports on the link after a study of more that 50,000 women who drank four or more cups of coffee per day spent 20 percent less chance of risk for suffering from
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depression provided mood benefits and reduced incidence of depression. want to put your brain to work to get a breast while your sleep you sleep your brain learns, processing information when we are unaware and that adds to memories we recall when we are awake studying 62 percent of americans admit they are sleep deprived doctors say no surprise memory loss is a major problem in society. enhancing sleep quality could improve memory and they steal your heart from the moment they are born turns out children may protect a father heart than two children less likely to die from heart disease than peers who were childless. men with no children had a 70 percent higher risk of heart disease death researchers believe the factors that lead to infertility may also contribute to health problems. >> more rainfall a big chill on the way for chicago tom skilling forecast next.
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p@pd@@p@hdpaá÷@@@(xúp@ '@)úpác-pxtom
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skilling quite a bit of wet weather today off and on >> huntley and 41 hours time 68 in. of rainfall. rockford at 4
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and 1/4 inches of rainfall in the last 36 hours. interesting the autumn colors have come felt like it around here today. capturing the fall colors are merging and parts of our areas. thanks to all of our photographers this evening always a pleasure to look at these beautiful shots. it was cool today the sixth day we did not hit 65 degrees something that has not happened in chicago since records started in 1959 and showers you can see the rain checks blowing by continuing to do so for another
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24 hours or so. becoming more scattered during the day tomorrow. cabrillo has another day to run in our area days six today spending it has been described some of you have written on our facebook page like an inland hurricane and it is in a sense that you have close circulation this thing has been divorced from a jet stream and diving south were picking up and blowing out of here tomorrow into the night this ability has gone down cooling tonight like fog mixed with showers should be enough wind to keep that from turning into anything serious coolest september in 10 years in chicago. with a 72 forecast the day after tomorrow first 79 days '70s likely next week if it seems odd given how cool it has been keep in mind that 40 of the lower 48 states have a degree or warmer temperatures. 80s all of
9:31 pm
the way north into southern canada at the jet stream that left this spending down here which will buckle into the area coming right out of canada bringing us a today is like a very cool and windy air comment thursday late in the day into friday and saturday the pocket of cool air the rest of the country amazingly warmer temperatures hit the 90s today or close in eastern montana that is the cool air that we harvest later on this week at powerful northern wind lake michigan when and expected to produce 18 ft. waves in the next couple of days not right away but the kind of wind that will bring the chill in later this week. probably the chilliest region of the country wind blowing north northwest humidity at 94% keeps nighttime temperatures up high mold spore count pollen low
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today model shows waves of ran right on through 12:30 p.m. tonight and morning rush hour tomorrow in the neighborhood with an occasional heavy shower indicated by the yellow showing up their flashes of lightning to the east and north not so much in our area but this thing about ready to spin itself in our area at least. by tomorrow early sprinkles this will be gone and we will be done with this where the rainfall has been heaviest western suburbs have been very hard hit continuing to grow today rockford up over 4 in. dekalb county at totals. here in chicago at a storm total of about 1.8 in.. powerful wind
9:33 pm
gust part of the day today. here in the city it kind of, earlier today. the view from the northwest suburbs. 54 degrees in the city but cadbury at 44 degrees tonight the opera well spent itself cold front pact isobars but i did a lot of instability showers. some enhanced by late moisture but the big story later in the weekend looks like a firm warm- up we have all models of the page with this one. we will show you that in 10 minutes on the update it big pattern change underway beautiful late autumn weather into the area. mostly cloudy and damp cool with several shot rate spells.
9:34 pm
northwest wind 4-14 mi. per hour tomorrow lots of clouds a peak of some from time to time much has happened today. i 64 degrees gap cool with early sprinkles low 55 degrees thursday partly sunny turning windy with afternoon shower and cold front. we will show you the forecast pretty formidable as we get into the cooler air for a couple of days. big warmup come back. >> cheers all around for the wgn team been nominated for 24 regional enemies.mmys. blizzard coverage and the action weather center. tom skilling and nominated for blizzard forecasting. i did not realize
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that news to me. nominations. congratulations partner. fantastic reports mark suppelsa. see you later guys. >> not a cover girl how chicago teenager overcame her humble beginnings with high fashion. i'm bonnie and this is my cvs. i don't have time for the flu. that's why i'm knocking things off my to-do list.
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brags to bridge a success still in her teens and making dreams still come true we first met zoe damacela chicagos a very own last year it on a designer winning the praise of high ranking members of chicago fashion community profile in her latest accomplishments ana belaval hot off the presses >> had lied could read homeless to high fashion does not even begin to describe the story behind zoe damacela success which has landed the teenage designer on the cover of national magazine. he has that cover girl look beautiful smile perfect skin but designer zoe damacela used to being behind the scenes at
9:39 pm
>> because i do so much preparing the fashion shows and a photo shoots a weird to be in front of the camera but a lot of fun. october couple of seventeen magazine it winner of publication pretty amazing contest >> you enter the process did not think you are going to wind and it is incredible, as incredible as zoe damacela 19 year-old chicago when successful designer since 14 years old told her first sold her first address for $13 realize the design it could be her family's way out of poverty. it raised by her single mother making ends meet was often difficult at one. mother and daughter had nowhere to live >> even though i was pretty got i think that is when i realized nothing but good things to come up cannot get any worse than it is now >> clear that zoe damacela gets her positive attitude and work ethic from her mother >> always a lot of responsibilities from early on how to figure out how to get it
9:40 pm
if you wanted it that is what she did always getting a little businesses started >> nowadays zoe damacela designed ranges between $300 and a couple of thousand dollars for a custom made down 1 upper fans and other than top model and business model tyrell ebanks >> one of most inspirational >> calm her for health called her >> she reached out@ to me can you xtwitter for people to vote for me and i loved that and how to print your >> 17 contest contest from a neutral geno which will come in handy from the northwestern university sophomore going for a triple major selling garments and troubling weekly about the country >> what is your message? >> i think my biggest message
9:41 pm
you should not limit yourself because of where you came from so many people growing up think that because they grew up in poverty they are doomed to live forever in poverty and that is just not the case with hard work and taking charge of your own life you can accomplish some things >> as if to not have enough to do when a young graduate hoping to start a nonprofit organization to help teenagers but there on business for more information on where to find zoe damacela clothing line back to you >> she has time what is a triple major question mark has done so much in just one year. amazing. coming up charlie sheen settles differences with producers of two and a half men and asik out of the door starting pitcher might be behind him highlights later sports. living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you
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wgn news @ 9 it has been a rough few weeks on board the marilyn monroe statue second time in a month statue vandalized group of men dumped a bucket of paint on it this morning. she can belt out a song already belted off 80 lbs. chicagos a very own jennifer
9:45 pm
hudson town today for grand opening of weight watchers center mayor emmanuel on hand oscar and grammy winner appears in commercials for the wheat lost company fans react all of the time about week watching having a weight watchers meeting in the airport on the air plant anytime anybody asks not a place to come to to have and hold our weight watchers meetings in our hometown our hometown of chicago. >> weight watchers giving a portion of the proceeds from the center to a foundation in honor of her seven year old nephew murdered on the south side husband's ex brother and a lot awaiting trial >> 7 differences like men lawsuit charlie sheen filed against warner brothers television producers of two and a half men settled out of court charlie sheen wanted 100 million kicked off of the show climbing rope contract neither side disclosed in might have gotten
9:46 pm
about $25 million. you acted badly and it pays off i guess bearded >> start acting up. >> absolutely. what we do have coming warmer weather cool spell coming first and more of the showers which continue rotating and round the upper low around to score five days now. even flashes of lightning with and the showers not hear so much by just east and north of los what rainfall may remain out of this weather system some areas may see another half-inch of rain fall with over an inch on the other side. temperatures going to warm up by thursday for a date that these tonight back to the '60s tomorrow we had a 63 degrees today '50s tomorrow night and up to the '70s on thursday but only briefly here
9:47 pm
is what happens on friday comes crashing down may even be generous. what is interesting to the wed transitioning us into cooler air that purple area a region of 40 mi. per hour wind. pretty cool air. look at how the numbers increase not so much tomorrow or tomorrow evening but as the wind comes and first of the southwest and then from the north may be gusts approaching 40 mi. per hour by late thursday and friday and did the wind drops off quickly turned southwest picking up all but the weekend and the temperatures taking off 67 degrees sunday 71 degrees monday at 75 degrees tuesday. it is interesting that is it 100 percent chronological probability we will have '70s and a 86% chronological probability back to 1920 if you look at the records that we will have an 80 degrees this season so warm weather is left in this
9:48 pm
but mother nature continues to prove us wrong but i think it is car to happen. >> in the meantime chicagoans to get rained on again and corporations donate books to chicago public schools images tonight's chicago tribune photos of the day. more photos available and
9:49 pm
dock collapses and the couple jon wagenschutz mvp derrick rose met in high school started dating in college now on nikki palluzzi honeymoon drive nikki and jon wagenschutz abreu but it was fine and the wedding fantastic. nikki palluzzi and jon wagenschutz >> talking one on one with mvp derrick rose about life without basketball and patrick kane making pre-season debut tomorrow night as a center thoughts on the move next in sports.
9:50 pm
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pñúxbxpl@?pretty dramatic out there what is going on with the manager's situation getting job tomorrow for years may be $16 million
9:53 pm
ozzie dei andguillen and don cooper and harold baines part of the franchise but tonight not about any of those guys quite possibly the farewell appearance from one of the best pitchers in the franchise mark burleigh tonight 200 innings for the season the 11th year he has done this a measure of his consistency value of the club and community a lot harder to gauge mark early testing free agency market white sox probably will not afford to get him back against the jays tonight on top of game defensive issues early on getting in the lead thanks to a young a designated hitter tyler flowers deepest part of the ballpark in a big one last night also that made it 1-0 and later on defense is doing good gordon beckham picking it at second a double
9:54 pm
play to get out of danger and that in the eighth mark burleigh amounts for one last don cooper can not to get him tonight over without from another pitch seven shutout innings for mark buehrle tonight ovation from the fans who grew to love this guy it when they're going out as the sox take it 2-1. did not see a tear come out but it just a good way to end the year hopefully not my career only time will tell everybody knows where my heart is where i want to be again and never been at this point. never been in this sort of free agent part of my career just going home waiting for the telephone to start running we will see what happens. thank you for chicago white sox fans everything they have done. cannot thank everybody enough for sent me and my family up for life think you guys for
9:55 pm
everything >> cubs and san diego second to last game of this dismal season garza gets start to coty's in the second in a home run and almost any other ballpark. to run double padres have the lead and filling it up in englewood this morning mvp derrick rose back at marine park learned how to play in the first place teamed up with other sponsors to renovate the basketball court. kids from randolph elementary school also helping out troubling keeping a close eye on nba labor negotiations does not know much and good >> positive, and try to stay positive hoping the season starts on time where as anything going to hurt the fans. we have die-hard fans nba is so big right now and for us to not play this whole year will hurt them
9:56 pm
more than anything >> in the meantime releasing the house hawks preseason game against the red wings tomorrow night patrick kane expected to see their first game action and patrick kane getting a look at center tomorrow night on allied with andrew burnett in practice looking forward to this including patrick kane. >> at something and they wanted to try if it works it works if not not the end of the world obviously going back for awhile trying to do my best making it work >> defense work ethic those two things right there i think our number one. some guys have been some guys do not. >> short some of you guys probably do not believe i can do with but trying to prove it to people >> red sox and raise and the
9:57 pm
braves and cardinals both tied in the american and national league going into the final game tomorrow should be a lot of fun. >> a that is the news have a good night.
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